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Programme de Dialogue Interreligieux
Intereligious Dialogue Programme

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13 March 2004



The General Conference of UNESCO adopted at its 32nd Session (2003) the holding of a double event targeting youth and religious leaders from the SAARC region to be held in Auroville, Pondicherry, India, within the framework of the Organization's Inter-religious Dialogue Programme, and as decentralized activity of the UNESCO Office in New Delhi. UNESCO, in collaboration with the Auroville Foundation, would very much appreciate to have you as partner and to count on your support.

This international event, titled “Youth for Human Unity: Exploration for new values through Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue “ will focus on the following themes which could directly be of interest to your Institution:

Explorations for new values on:
•  Spirituality and Religion
•  Youth and Society: from globalization to universality
•  Education, Art and Cultural Heritage
•  Integral Development
•  Spirituality and Science

Ultimately, the main aim of the event is to focus, through the above mentioned themes, on the relationships of religions and how to overcome conflicts in the region and the role of these communities in building peaceful, tolerant, multicultural societies.

Let me express my sincere thanks for the personal interest you may take in the prospect of this gathering to be held in Auroville from the 21 to the 28 February 2005 , a week to share experiences, discover common values and implement “best practices” in concrete actions. I look forward to your support to ensure the success of this important event, which will gather young people, religious leaders, well-known scholars and programme specialists of UNESCO.

Yours sincerely


Rosa Guerreiro
Programme Specialist
Interreligious Dialogue Programme
UNESCO Division for Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue