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About Us - the conference organizers

Luigi is from Italy and has lived in Auroville for 24 years.

Luigi works for Aurofuture as coordinator of international relations. His main goal in this work is to be actively involved in the development of Auroville as a Universal Township . "I dedicate my research to the evolution of consciousness."

Luigi is the representative of CIRHU for UNESCO and coordinator of fundraising for the Conference.

"My hope is that the Youth Conference may bring inspiring proposals for an effective spirituality which can be expressed in life."


Anandi is originally from Spain and has lived in Auroville now for 10 years. She has spent most of her years here doing administrative work for Aurofuture, Auroville's planning and development group.

Anandi's wonderful administrative skills are helping to keep everthing organized and running for the Youth Conference.

" I see this conference as a practical example of the ideals of Auroville.  To involve the youth in a dialoge between different religions and mind perspectives is a dynamic exercise which I believe will inspire many of us to continue working for the realisation of the highest ideals of Auroville, particularly in promoting Human Unity. "


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Kosha Shah is from India and has lived in Auroville for 2 1/2 years. Her work focus in Auroville is in the area of Research.

For the Youth Conference, Kosha is acting as the Participants Co-ordinator.

"I sincerely hope that Auroville can contribute to the coming together of South Asian countries. It is already gaining momentum with so many measures being taken by the governments. But we need more people-to-people contact to really understand each other and know that we are not different after all."

is originally from Belgium and has lived in Auroville for 5 years. His area of work focus is on education.

For the Youth Conference, Wim is organizing all the cultural evening programs.



Kathy is from Australia and has been a resident of Auroville for 8 years.

"I wish that Auroville can increasingly welcome high quality people from around the world to help us build this dream and in the process inspire those who choose to go back to their homes to transmit and transfer what they have learned  here to their local and global communities. I therefore work with with CIRHU helping to receive young volunteers, students and researchers who come either independantly or with groups as part of my work with AVIS (link) . For this conference I have particularly been interested to see how to make this into an opportunity to empower Auroville youth to take up leadership and  responsibility for various aspects of organising the conference. With the core team, I have also been  working to envision the overall program paying particular attention to the group facilitation needs. "


Shivaya is originally from Switzerland and has lived in Auroville for 24 years.

Currently Shivaya is involved in a variety of different types of work related to youth and she works in close cooperation with Kathy. She is mainly involved in organizing the logistics for the Youth Conference.

"I would like this conference to be a meaningful step towards a young generation who works for human unity."


is German, born in Baga/India. He has lived in Auroville for 13 years. He is a student studying 12th standard equivalent A-levels, British correspondence course.

He is contributing his time to the Youth Conference by helping Anandi with accounts and reimbursements for the participants.



Grace is from the USA and has lived in Auroville for 16 months. Her work in Auroville has been a mix of promotion, website development and healing work.

Grace has developed this website specifically for the Conference.

"It is my hope that the website will serve to help all the participants and speakers to have the opportunity to connect and communicate with one another prior to the Conference so that some relationship building can happen before everyone comes together. Perhaps this will help to facilitate more open and direct dialogue at the conference if the participants have had the chance to get to know one another beforehand."



Marc was born in Valencia, Spain. He currently lives in Auroville with his wife and and two children.

Marc has opened several coffee shops in Spain and continues his work in "Coffee Consulting" here in India. In addition, Marc is knowledgeable in the art of cooking and commerce.

He currently works as the coordinator for Auroville's Board of Commerce and does catering for special groups. Marc is catering all the food and beverages for the Conference meals and breaks.

Yanne is from France and came to Auroville in 1975.

She is a teacher in Auroville and has also participated in various cultural programs.

Yanne has worked for two years with UNESCO (Paris) to prepare for the conference.




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Jean (Croquette) comes from France and has lived in Auroville for almost 30 years.

He also is a teacher and has involvement in Auroville cultural projects.

Jean is preparing an exhibition of the various aspects of Auroville for the conference participants.


first came to Auroville as student trainee and later came to live here permanently five years ago. Since then he has worked at different places in the community.

For the conference, Rakesh is involved in publication, transport, the online forum and other miscellaneous work.

I see this conference as an opportunity to bring together youth from different religious and cultural back grounds, and to develop an understanding about each other; to make a harmonious world where people stay without getting affected by political indifferences and geographical boundaries."

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Nantha is from India and has been associated with Auroville for 3 years. He works part-time in Auroville as a teacher.

He is offering his assistance in the conference by arranging ticketing and transport and is organizing a field trip to Pondicherry.


is from India and is a newcomer in Auroville. He works in the group known as Auroville's Future.

Satnam's message for the Youth Conference is, "A small but significant step towards Human Unity.

Maria is from the USA. She moved to Auroville 10 years ago with her parents. Then she spent the past 5 years back in the States studying. She is currently taking a year off from university and is staying in Auroville for 6 months. During her stay in Auroville, Maria is helping with many youth projects.

Regarding the Youth Conference, "I first began helping with
the coordination of volunteers and delegates from Auroville, in particular visiting youth. I am also helping with the organization of the field trips around Auroville, identifying location and experiences, contacting the people involved etc. In addition I have participated a little in other areas of organization such as the cultural evenings, down time in the
afternoons and other logistics.