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There are many ways of supporting the project. You’re most welcome to join!

With your hands
We’re actively involved in the whole construction process. There are drops of the volunteers’ sweat in the thousands of blocks that are used for the construction. Be they young or old visitors from all over the world, all the volunteers have wholeheartedly given a hand in whatever way they could. More than houses, we’re also building people… And that makes the difference.
Try for yourself!

With your brains
A project of this size requires quite a lot of office work also, from technical studies to finances, going through communication or site supervision. We heartily welcome people having specific competencies or goodwill and basic skills. This project is a learning and sharing experience for all. We want to keep it this way.

With your words
Diversity is a keyword here. Be it regarding the type of work, the experiences or the people we come to discover. The more people are aware of it, the more the project is likely to become thrilling and vibrant. You’re therefore most welcome to spread the word.

You can also contribute financially!
Support the general process